Working Out When You Are Just Starting Out

Working Out When You Are Just Starting Out

Who Has Time For That?

Let me be the first to admit, there is nothing worse than seeing that one person who seems to be able to work out for 3 hours a day, go to work, and then be at every social function on the Earth! I mean seriously, is that really possible? How are you not dead tired?

In reality, it probably is possible to do that! But for all of us who aren’t quite that motivated or we are just in the beginning stages of our exercise career, here is some practical advice for you to get started.

You are Not [Insert Name of Celebrity in Superhuman Shape]

First and foremost, accept the fact that you are not some person who seems to be the pinnacle of the human body. You are just starting out and will be working toward something like that. Honestly, most of those people have trainers and strict regimens or they are being paid to get in shape (sign me up!). So don’t be crushed when you take your first flight of stairs and you are winded. Everyone starts somewhere.

Start Small

I love this article as #7 says “Expect to Fail.” As someone who is just starting to work out, you will have your good days and your bad ones. However, at the end of the day, you should focus more on the progress being made as opposed to the mess ups or missed days. Every improvement is still an improvement!

To begin, start with simple exercises or one’s you can do at home with little or no machinery:

  • Lunges - if you can’t go all the way down, go as far as you can and then work to improve flexibility. Switch between each leg.

  • Push Ups - start by doing as many as you can. Note that number and try to do that again for 3 days, rest one day, and then 2 more days. Then on the next day, try your max again and repeat.

  • Crunches - make sure to do these correctly or you will hurt your neck and back. Same as Push Ups, attempt a max and follow a pattern.

  • Body Squats - look at advice with lunges and push ups. You want to hit a max, but you also want to do them correctly or you are not getting full benefit.

  • Here are some more exercises for beginners.

If you are at work, try these exercises at your office:

  • Take the Stairs

  • Do Squats Using Your Chair

  • Take A Walk

  • Walking Meetings

  • Lift Some Heavy Binders (Curls)

Though this site has some silly names, try these exercises at your desk.

We should all be able to fit a few of these exercises into our daily routine.

Make a game out of it. Every time you send 10 emails, take a flight of stairs. For every Netflix show you watch, do 10 push-ups. For every class you arrived late to, do 10 squats.

Level Up

As you begin to get stronger and start to get more flexible, consider taking it up a notch. These steps aren’t necessary if you are happy with your routine, but at least consider them.

  • Joining a Gym - Though body weight exercises are pretty awesome and robust, sometimes it is helpful to join a gym. A gym has equipment that can work other muscle groups, resources to make sure you doing things safely and correctly, and it is indoors, so full year exercise! However, make sure you are going to use the gym or your membership is wasted dollars.

  • Hire a Trainer - It’s easy to say “no” to yourself. But saying “no” to someone who is expecting you to workout and someone you are paying? Very Hard. Enough Said!

  • Better Gear - Though those white tennis shoes are killing it for at home body squats. As you progress, having good gear can be the difference between chaffing and comfortable.

  • Longer Routines - Longer routines can provide you more time between sets or provide you with the opportunity to try other things. Work up to these longer times though or you could risk injury.

  • Alternate Methods - kickboxing, yoga, hot Pilates, swimming, etc.

Check out this site for other suggestions and tips for when you are feeling ready.

Become Someone Else’s Body Idol

Congrats! You started small, worked your way up the body goal levels, and now you are in the shape that you aspired to be! Now that you are looking fresh, other people will be looking at you for advice and tips. Just as you started somewhere, make sure you are willing to share your advice to keep people safe and healthy.

Oh and one last note, don’t over-do the Instagram pictures. Though we love seeing your progress, we don’t love seeing “every” progress.

Saving Money When You Are Just Starting Out

Saving Money When You Are Just Starting Out